Industrial & Manufacturing

Whatever your industry is, Exelia is the perfect choice.

Linoleum will not endure the heavy demands of your daily operations, it is designed mainly for foot traffic and repairs are frequent and time consuming. Although the initial investment maybe attractive, the subsequent down time could result in huge losses for your business.

Epoxy resin is a heartier covering capable of delivery; however, it is expensive to install and entails extensive substrate preparation. Repairs are time consuming and unsightly and it offers nothing more than just protective coverage.

Exelia offers a solution that will exceed your expectations. It starts with minimal preparation and expeditious installation, Exelia will easily conform to your machinery and in ground fixtures such as hydraulic lifts, presses, etc. It can support static loads, equipment and shelving and it can also handle dynamic loads, forklifts, trucks and pallet jacks. Oil and chemical spills will simply clean up without staining. Repairs can be performed in-house and will require minimum downtime. Color patterns can identify different work stations and task zones. Exelia even offers ESD control in its structure as a benefit for a wide range of industries.

Our staff is available to address your business’ specific needs.